About Us
The Cultural Dance Troupe of the West Indies, Inc. was founded in 1982. Originally an entry in Hartford’s West Indian Day Parade, the Dance Troupe has grown over the years into a respected, dynamic community program that serves its youth with integrity, style and devotion. We now serve a wide community that includes all residents of Hartford and its contiguous towns. The Cultural Dance Troupe of the West Indies, Inc. fulfills its mission of individual and community empowerment through educational programs for youth development in the Greater Hartford area. The Troupe gives public performances and participates in many cultural events: included is a wide repertoire of traditional folk, modern / contemporary, jazz and ballet dance forms. Performances at civic events, churches, other public appearances and at the Dance Troupe’s own recitals/theatre productions, continues to arouse pride and excitement throughout our community and beyond. Our curriculum builds physical, social, emotional and creative, disciplined students. This improved attitude fosters success in many areas of the students’ lives.
• Maintaining a professional dance theatre company in Hartford that fosters and perpetuates the continuing development of a wide repertoire of traditional and modern dance forms.

• Continuing to expand services and outreach to the children and youth of the community, guiding them to success and becoming exemplary, contributory citizens.

• Developing a state-of-the-art complex to house the Troupe’s learning center and its many programs. The establishment of a 400 seat theatre will support our productions, while providing a venue for the training of those in the community interested in the technical aspects of theatre arts. The theatre will also become a facility for small arts organizations to produce and present productions at an affordable cost.

• Providing a safe and engaging environment in which participants embrace life long physical fitness and an appreciation for and understanding of art, culture and diversity.

The Cultural Dance Troupe of the West Indies, Inc. is a non profit arts organization, duly registered with and designated as a 501(C)(3) with the IRS.
We promote the appreciation of cultural differences by empowering individuals and communities through the vehicle of dance, performance and music. We share the rich cultural heritage of the West Indies with Greater Hartford through the common language of artist expression.
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